Monday, September 14, 2015

A note to myself

Working hard, grabbing every chances that I have. To learn, grow and perform at the same time as a newbie in the accounting field, to be precise, the workforce. As time passes, and as I stop and ponder for a while, at the end of the day, seem like I've just lost myself and everything else...

When you're tired with work, sick of getting orders done and doing things over again and again due to unclear communication or unclear orders from the top. Not forgetting, working with very slack or in my boss's word, very incompetent co-worker. But all you could do is to swallow your pride, get your knees on the floor. Nahh, it's swallow your pride and get your things done with no complain. I have been trying hard, continuously coping with allergies and get emotional easily.

But there's always a little voice deep from the bottom my heart: I am fighting and I'll never give up. I am literally battling with myself everyday. Hoping that everything will be fine or even better tomorrow. But unfortunately, I woke up feeling dreadful everyday. Yes, everyday! Feeling so freaking reluctant to leave my bed. I'm still me, nothing has ever changed but a brand new dreadful me. That's always the first thought of my day, sad isn't it?

It was bed-time posted on my twitter sometimes ago. It's a very passive yet moody post but it somehow reflects how I feel, in a very timely manner.

Although at the end of the day, I am not sure what's the main aim of holding on and where would I be. But I believe, as long as I have the right attitude and of course the very positive vibes around: nothing is impossible, because I am possible.