Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So my last winter breaks has come to an end and so today is the first day of class for last semester of my Final Year. Not really refreshing but hmm, can feel the excitement within myself may be as a result of not ready to face the reality, the real working life. *I can feel da stress, wheyy* Study life will still be the best I think, but of course, if I would have a chance to choose, my choice will go to primary school or either kindergarten.

Nothing special as usual for the first week of uni as I'm not those activist. Selling off the books used for last semester and not really sure whether I need any textbooks for this sem, will only decide after attending lecture and tutorial class. 

Back to the topic, just simply wanna write about my results for semester 1 of final year which I should actually post it 3 weeks ago, 12th July 2013. The results should be released at 1130am that day, but due to some delays and the release it according to the ascending order, so I only received my result at nearly 3pm. Hmm, kinda disappointed with the overall performances actually as I had higher expectations but it's still acceptable. I don't really know how to describe the feelings as it is really complicated. 

For the Management Accounting, my worried was only about I couldn't hit the borderline of getting a D as the tutor gave marks blindly on the class participation performances which pulled my marks down.   But at least I managed to get what I was looking for, if not I would definitely lodge in grade appeal application. For the Company Accounting, the only worried was that I might fail the unit as I screwed up most of the internal assessments and so do the final exam. Having nightmare each night after the final exam, till the day I received my results. Ain't no joke, it's horrible. Getting the minimum marks of passing made my day, tadaa !!!

The unit that I thought I was doing great, as everything was fall on place accordingly, turned upside down in the end. I thought I would at least score a D for it (somehow near to borderline again) but I was wrong. The lecture marked the case study assignment in a very unacceptable way as there's no answer guideline provided and the highest marks of all students was 31/50, which was ridiculous. May be this was the only way to pull our marks down. Even though my mark wasn't that high, but overall performances still in the D range but due to the stupid SNG system implemented by the uni (adjust the marks according to graph), my marks had been marked down for no reason. So I ended up with 74 marks, which was a credit !!! Ohh damn, even with the additional 0.5 marks can boost up my GPA with no doubt, but now, I ended up with SHIT ! *ripped off* Tried to appeal, but failed and has got no interest to do it again and again as when you can't change anything, you've to accept it !

The unexpected one should be Revenue Law a.k.a Tax Law.  It's not fully unexpected as I get quite high marks for the internal assessments and class performances (I never get high marks for law's class performance), so at least I maintain at the level, everything will be alright. But due to misunderstand the meaning of one word, I guess I loss some marks, at least 5m for it which made me worried. If this was not the case, I believe the marks will be higher, LOL. Yeaa, no if, there's no 如果 or 假如 in reality. But I'm still satisfied with my own performances as I can see the improvement from Business Law to Corporation Law till now, the Tax Law.  From getting a pass to a credit and now a distinction, discovering my own strengths and expand the understanding in law within these 3 semesters. Hmm, I find tax law kinda interesting, at least I'm not against it, so this might also be an option of my future career as well. Who knows, right ?!

The cheat sheets for final.
My only aim for this semester is to improve, improve the marks and of course my GPA. Of course, there're more things to learn and to explore as uni is not only about grades. SEMESTER 2, FINAL YEAR ADD OIL !!! Work harder, do your best and live with no regret !!! More challenges to face, way more to go !!!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Good day

Just want to remember this day, 27.7.2013. I've done basically nothing meaningful over the winter breaks but today. They've the mini kinda Malaysian food fair once a year, gathering all the malaysian chinese together to raise fund for the temple. The signature food of the event such as Char Koay Teow, Char Koay Kak will be second, then the Nasi Lemak esp the sambal, followed by the curry puff and Mang Zhang Koay and lots more la. Although this was my third time attending the food fair but yea I don't know much about the community and so forth as I only being there once a year and aiming for yummy food. All I know is that those cooks are volunteers, basically their occupations are not chef and they only showing off their talents once a year.

This year is kinda different. Due to shortage of helpers, my aunt was asked to be there to help in the rojak stall for cutting the fruits, so she dragged me along. I know my knife skill sucks, so I tried to hide myself initially and I even brought along my ipod and books so that I can enjoy food while hiding in a corner. However, due to some unexpected circumstances, we are then asked to help them to organise and sell the curry puffs. *Pheww, at least I don't feel that useless* haha.

The situation there wasn't as expected, kinda not organised and not systematic at all, it is in a mess. Horrible mess as one of the cooker was down, then people were queuing, waiting to buy the curry puffs, some were waiting to collect their pre-orders which had not be done and some wanna left their orders and so on. Tried to catch up with the pace, and yes, everything sort out in the right order. We fulfilled the need of most customers I think, as we kept everyone happy even though I didn't have much time to go around to hunt for food.

It is for good sake, for charity purpose. There's no certification or any compliment for this but this would be one of the most valuable experiences of mine, for now. As it gave me a chance to "work", and feel the atmosphere where all malaysians work as one. I feel that I don't to be a part of them, in order to be accepted by them. This is kinda different some other societies or community where you have to be a part of them only they will treat you better. Of course, I could be wrong, these are just my two cents of views.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"To change or not to change
Touchscreen or without touchscreen
To wait or not to wait... "

Hmm, these questions have been bothering me for awhile, probably a week since the day my laptop broke down. Not really broke down, as after reformat, it can now be used, function normally. Just that it is getting more laggy as time goes on and I don't know how should I actually describe the situation. So I have been spending some time, doing researches to find a target laptop replacement, if unfortunate things happen again on my laptop. Or may be, I couldn't stand with the laggy and I would just go ahead and replace it immediately, anytime!

Actually, I've been advised for changing it asap so that I can get ready for the new semester to start. As now I'm using something that might cause problem anytime, documents and data seem not safe and I can't really install a reliable anti-virus and my genuine microsoft words. I've found my targeted laptop like finally, but duhh I still can't make up my mind. It's so hard to make decision. I guess touchscreen will be an option to me, not necessary as I can foresee if it hangs or lags, I will feel 10 times miserable than now.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Laptop Broke Down

Disclaimer: This is long, boring, grumbling and somehow kinda documentary post on how my laptop broke down. You won't have the interest to know the details, so to save your time, you can actually skip it or leave it before you even start reading.

Have been using my first laptop, Asus since the day I started college, and it has been with me for about 3.5 years. I'm kind of a heavy user as I on my laptop for more than 12 hours per day for movies, dramas, surfing and nonsense since college.*poor laptop* It has been reformatted for once in 2011 which I kinda regretted later.

The laptop faced with some severe overheating issue earlier this year, auto-turned off once I over-used it. So I actually planned to replace my laptop before coming back to the kangaroo land. But after getting some suggestions from my BFF, managed to send my laptop for some services to solve the problem, right the day before I left Malaysia. And yeahh, I was thinking the laptop at least for another 1-2 years as it is in really great condition as described by the staff. And yes, no need to waste money will be another great news, especially to my mom.

Laptop + Coffee = Best combination to kill time
*ohh damn, I miss Starbucks so badly*
The great news doesn't last as it expected to be. Again, the laptop started to give me some weird problems in early of April, stated like it can't detect my hard drive and these and that. After restarting, pressing here and there, it worked fine again. I've a very bad habit of leaving my external hard discs connect to my laptop even when I switched off my laptop. If not mistaken, after the auto windows update, then I started to face with frequent Startup Repairs. After these and that, which I don't even know wth I was doing, it worked fine again. But these problems didn't really disappear, it tends to be more frequent in late June,and sometimes it get worsen right after the auto updates. Then during the Melbourne trip, it popped out another dialogue stated server busy, like damn, really don't know wth was going on. *ignore again*

Unfortunately, I am not that lucky as always. My laptop broke down on 10th July, Wednesday (which was also the first day back to syd) after an update of windows again. This time probably was the worst, as I can't even switch on and log in to my laptop. Tried the startup repairs but it stated it can't be repaired. Then after trying all the stupid things, on and off, restarting like a nut for hours, to be more precise, I spent the whole afternoon from 2pm to 7pm dealing with this issue. Then only I managed to log in and the only intention atm was to transfer everything out of my drive so that I can reformat the laptop asap. But the laptop worked in a super slow and unbearable pace, which I can't even do any transfer. 

With no hope, the only thing was to seek help from my uncle. Yea, there's definitely some problems with my laptop and he reckoned it's virus attacked. Shh, coz I don't really have a reliable virus protection on my laptop, dumbass right ?! After going thru the startup repairs again, it showed something wrong with the file system which I don't really know what it means. With no choice, had to transfer the whole hard drive to his desktop, back-up to save my files and run thru the virus scanning there. 
May be it's time to say goodbye or even rip to my laptop. But of course, I do hope that reformatting could help, and I can continue to use it happily, at least no need to crack my head finding a new lappie. It's ime to do some researches on laptop, but I think I will still prefer Asus but the choices atm are abit over to me. I'm using my aunt's limited edition ferrari acer netbook to save my life, I mean to kill time, watch my dramas and surfing lorr, basically that's all I do in a day, LOLL. Shifting from a 14 inches laptop to a 12 inches netbook doesn't do me any good, as it's really tiring to stare at such a tiny screen for the entire day. I guess, may be I'll have to cut down time on surfing and do some reading until my laptop works as normal *tired eyes*

人生有顺境也有逆境,不可能处处是逆境;人生有巅峰也有谷底,不可能处处是谷底。因为顺境或巅峰而趾高气扬,因为逆境或低谷而垂头丧气,都是浅薄的人生。真正的人生需要磨炼。面对挫折,如果只是一味地抱怨、生气,是一种消极、愚蠢的表现。—— 《生气不如争气》

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Back from the Melbourne trip which was kinda relaxing yet hectic journey. Will update more about the trip as usual when I've got the kick to do so ya, haha.

Time is tickling and yea, I've to face the reality soon*finger-crossed*.

Continue to enjoy the lifeless winter break and maybe I should pick up some hobby or start to at least do some readings. Really don't know how to sit for ielts test with my current english level, duhhh @.@

Friday, July 5, 2013

Phone cover

So the cover that I've ordered two weeks ago has arrived today. Damn excited as finally I can change the clothes of my phone. This is one of the few covers that I like as it is simple and with the "S" symbol gives me a very elegant feeling. However, I am still kinda disappointed as I wanted the red with black colour casing which gave me a more superman feel but I ended up with this rose pink casing. Yes, my friends might be asking why I am using a pink cover again, LOLL. 

Actually, there's two seller on ebay selling the same products, but the one I saw initially was from US so I have to pay for the delivery charges which is even higher than the price of the casing. So I'd find a substitute seller. Tried to communicate with the seller by mails, and even sent the photo of the red cover I wanted to confirm. Only confirm payment after they said, it is the red with black cover that I wanted to prevent disappointment. But unfortunately, still disappointed lor. Err, I'm not a fan of superman but yes, I need the "Super" energy to cheer my day. Not bad, but it would be better if it is in RED I reckoned. 

So this is how my NEW cover looks like. 

And I have to really say goodbye to my original cover as the glue wasn't sticky enough and the part to hold the phone started to moving around. I was kinda worried that my phone will just drop one fine day while I am holding it, that's the main reason why I was desperately needing a new phone cover. And while I was trying the change the cover, while pulling out from the old cover, the things really came off ... *speechless*

Flying off to Melbourne tomorrow noon. To make it fun and memorable, I guess I've to really put away the stress that have been burdened me since after the final exam which caused all the insomnia and moody. Hmm, one more week to release results *finger-crossed* , all I can do is pray and pray and pray. Supposed to spend some quality time back at hometown right now, but of all the reasons and for not spending another lump sum of money, I decided to stay and only going back for CNY next year. Didn't really know that my two cousin sis are going back for a short trip until my mom told me last week and cousin bro is back for summer break. Mom sounded abit disappointed, so I guess same goes with granny. But what to do, this is life ma. Hoping to meet my cousin sis in Mel so that we can show it to granny to make her day. For everything I can do is to enjoy to the max before facing the reality.

 Everything will be fine. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


" 每次到了夜深人靜的時候 我總是睡不著
未來會怎樣究竟有誰會知道... "

这句歌词真的很应景。一个月的winter break应该充分利用,好好休息、享受,可是不知道从哪天开始每一晚脑袋就会一直乱想东想西的。结果就只有一个,就是失眠。眼光光,望天光的感觉真的很恐怖,然后到了清晨才昏昏沉沉的入睡;起身时,就是说午安了咯!这种生活真的是超级无敌不健康,而且身体感觉非常疲惫的说,每天都无精神。我的黑眼圈从考试前到现在,貌似还没有消退。。。真的是要叫救命了!?

距离派成绩还有大概10天左右吧。也许,也许就是因为担心成绩担心分数。是我不够优秀还是我set的target太高?我不知道,也不想知道。尽力就好了,现在只想安心入眠。 说实话,其实我已经做了最坏的打算,可是另3个units一个都不能倒*finger-crossed*. 

另外,等了很久的case study分数终于揭晓了。开始有点兴奋,不过失望才是真正的感受。27/50,开心,因为已经pass了这个unit (一定要pass case study才算pass这个unit). 失落,因为可能就少了那一两分,而失去一个Distinction. 拿这个unit的唯一一个原因,就是因为要boost up我的GPA,现在只能努力的求神拜佛,祈求一切顺利。换个角度看,也许我应该感觉很庆幸,因为在forum上面看到很多人都挂科了,很多人都在等上诉。 不过说实在,这个unit是不是完全靠实力,真的要靠运气的;高分不代表写得好写得很完整,低分不代表写得差。就算跟着pass year的marking guide来写,也未必可以过关。一切都要看那lecturer的心情、环境等等,天时地利人和都必须符合,那就分数还okay。Lesson learnt: 不要太热心助人,因为我帮的那位同学分数竟然高过我4分. OMG,这4分应该可以定我的生死了,至少我现在不必那么担心。算了吧,听天由命!

好想像以前一样偶尔打开中学同学的blog,update一下他们的最新状况。可是慢慢的发现,不是不写了。就是很多blog的link都失效不然就直接消失了,再来的当然是limited access to invited readers only. 唉,也许我的阅读部落格的喜好也会这样渐渐的跟着消失了。。。

以前很天真想当个blogger ,专不专业无所谓,,反正就是会有很多人来阅读我写的垃圾。不过长大了却发现,这里只是一个给我发牢骚、诉苦的地方,觉得越少人看见就越好。毕竟是个人情绪,当publicised 了就必须要处理得妥当。有朋友建议我不如干脆set成private or may be only limited to invited readers, 不过因为我的个性,要写就要光明磊落的写所以就算是public的,那又如何?! 加上我写的东西都很没有quality的,不看也没有损失的啦, 所以就这样一直到现在!4月份的某一天,在冲动之下把所有以前的记忆都给上锁。是好事,是坏事也都无所谓,只是觉得是时候往前走,把回忆留在脑海里。考试之前,又不知道痴了哪条线,把comment给disabled了。其实也没有太大的差别,因为都没有多少人在看,没有多少的留言。加上我也不是很想很多人看,所以,基本上还是一样的。 疯了吧,也许是压力太大,这几天应该会able回的,哈哈!

Oops, 好像是写太多的废话了。这个是失眠的结果,这样直率有多好,这才是从前的那个我。开始胡言乱语了,是时候睡觉去咯。。。